About Betsuni

The Betsuni Bunnies, Elle Nguyen & Ames Hagon, are passionate about “Betsuni”, which translates from Japanese as “nothing in particular” or “nothing special”. It’s code for projects that mean the complete opposite – design and artwork of extravagant design requiring hours of meticulous labour.

Betsuni Life

When Ames has a brilliant over-the-top idea for her next design project and makes Elle’s eye widen with worried anticipation, Ames reassuringly says, “Betsuni” – “It will be nothing!” … but it usually isn’t “nothing”. It isn’t unusual to see the pair working late into the night, powered by late night orders of ramen and Coca-Cola.

When Elle is hit with a fantastic idea for a new design and is buzzing with excitement, she waves off prying questions with “Betsuni” – “It’s nothing special” – and keeps the secret locked away until she’s ready to reveal the finished product.

This is what Betsuni is all about – we create extravagant designs, take extra care in minding the details of each piece, slave hours away as we work towards perfection, and fall deeply in love with every design, but that’s “nothing special” because we would gladly do it all again in a heart beat!

The Designerds:

Elle Nguyen

Ames Hagon - Betsuni

Ames Hagon

About Betsuni

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