Betsuni Nomi - Fall/Winter 2018

We are so happy to announce that we have started creating our first full collection – Betsuni Nomi, a twelve piece Japanese style inspired clothing line. 

Collection Sponsors: DMacStudios

The collection

Betsuni Nomi Mini

Purchasing Betsuni Nomi Mini pieces help fundraise for our debut at a fashion week of first runway collection – Betsuni Nomi. These pieces are not part of the officical Betsuni Nomi collection but are inspired by the designs and colors.

Hinagiku Asobi - Spring 2018 Capsule Collection

Sometimes we come across a beautiful fabric that inspires us. This collection is a limited set of yukata, caped yukata, and cropped tops cut from the same fabric –  a beautiful red polyester decorated with playful daisies.


Hinagiku Asobi

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