Elle’s Mandala

I have always envision my life as a painting – each event in my life is a artistic ray stemming out of my center of being. Each event shapes my entire being and my entire being is the sum of so many different elements – like mandala art!

A mandala is a representation of the universe – it begins with a circle and extends outward with different patterns and designs in an infinite numbers of way. This is why I fell in love with mandala art – its originality and never-ending possibilities allows me to create different artwork that represents my universe at any given time.

I create my mandala artwork on my mobile phone using the Autodesk Sketchbook app and a stylus. I doodle. I rearrange. I remove. I release all of my everything into the little digital canvas and when I’m nearly satisfied, I transfer the result into Adobe Illustration and tweak it some more.

I try my best not to go insanely detailed at this stage to allow me (and other participating artists) creative freedom when I start the painting process. Also, since I engrave the graphic, smaller details tend to blur or disappear into ashes when I transfer the digital design onto a wooden canvas.

I rarely begin painting from the center circle of my mandala – I tend to choose plainer offshoots where I can add more details with a black fine tip marker. I water down my acrylic paint color to a pale pastel and add on more layers to create an almost watercolor effect –  a blurry representation of my feelings and memories. Then I mark up the design with little repetitive lines and curls to unite the colors and pull the body of the element back to the center circle.

Unlike other artwork I have done, I find myself coming back to indulge in my mandala art. I use them to relax, to dream, or to reflect.

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